JACK Automatic Machine JK-T5878

Automatic machine for sewing placket in men’s and women’s polo shirts. Equipped with a 1-needle sewing head with an energy-saving motor, stacker which provide collecting folded clothes and a preparation station with a laser marker, that ensures maximum positioning accuracy, speed and fluency of operations.

Programming of work parameters and patterns takes place on a clear, touch LCD control panel.

Required connection to the compressed air installation.

Technical parameters:

  • efficiency: up to 2500 pcs / 8 hours
Many Patterns
Universal machine for sewing many placket patterns, both in women’s and men’s clothing. Capacity up to 2500 pcs in 8 hours of work.
Simple To Use
A large touch panel with selection icons for each parameter allows easy and quick functions setting. USB port for uploading patterns and updating software.
Movable Machine Head
The sewing length can be easly adjusted according to requirements, which increases the comfort of work.
Operating tables and preparation stations are equipped with laser positioning devices, ensuring comfort and work efficiency.
Automatic Gathering Device
Automatic collecting device which makes work easier and increases operation efficiency.