JACK Interlock JK-8669 **/UT

A series of 2 or 3-needle interlocks (4- or 5-thread) with a cylinder-bed (24 mm) enabling sewing of closed circuits, ex. legs, sleeves, bottoms of T-shirts. Lower and upper interlacing, with the possibility of switching off.

JACK Interlock JK-8669 **/UT is an automatic version with thread trimmer, needle positioning and presser foot lift.

Technical parameters:

  • sewing speed 5000 stitches / min
  • presser foot lift: up to 5 mm
  • needle gauge: standard 5.6 mm or 6.4 mm (optional 4.8 mm)
  • possibility of sewing with top interlacing or without
  • bottom differential feed
  • needle system: 11-14 #
Automatic Thread Trimming
Adjustable length of thread trimming. Easy operation and increased production efficiency up to 40%.
Automatic Presser Foot Lift
Automatic lifting of the presser foot with an electromagnet will improve work efficiency.
Automatic thread holding at the beginning of the sewing process. Provides a better stitch and prevents it from skip stitch.
Easy Access
Easy access to the thread tension. If the thread is brake or tangled, access to repair the fault is much easier.
Stitch Length Adjustment
Just press the button and turn the knob to manually adjust the stitch length.
Many Functions
JACK interlocks are used in many different operations.