JACK Lockstitch A4

Innovative automatic 1-needle lockstitch machine equipped with an integrated energy-saving motor mounted in the head, directly on the main shaft of the machine (DIRECT DRIVE system), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and lower power consumption.

Automatic functions: 

  • thread trimmer
  • needle positioning
  • auto bartacking option
  • sewing parameters programming
  • auto presser foot lifter

Bottom feed transport. Designed for sewing light and medium materials (A4 version) and heavy (version A4-H). The modern design of the JACK lockstitch A4 machine provides better ventilation of the engine, what enable faster and more efficient working, as well as a longer machine life. The improved construction of the transport system and pressure a fabric, ensures the increase of the fabric thickness range.

Technical parameters: 

  • sewing speed: up to 5000 stitches / min
  • stitch length: up to 5 mm (up to 7 mm for A4-7 and A4-7H)
  • presser foot lift: 5-13 mm
  • central lubrication
  • needle system: DBx1 (A4 and A4-7), DPx5 (A4-H and A4-7H)
  • two additional function buttons located next to the needle bar
  • USB port for copying data from the machine and connecting external devices
Friendly Design
Machine is equipped with an intuitive and easy to use operating panel with a built-in speaker which inform about the selected option.
For Heavy And Light Sewing
Increased sewing range, suitable for different types of materials. There are two subclasses, for light and medium heavy sewing.
Modern Solutions
The fan significantly reduces the temperature of the motor, which extends the life of the machine, and the built-in USB port allows you to connect external devices or update the software.
Przyjazny Design
Adding stitch, backsewing and LED lamp button – everything make machine friendly