JACK Lockstitch JK-5559G

1-needle bottom feed lockstitch machine with Edge Trimmer (1/8 inch=3.2 mm), automatic functions and energy-saving motor built into the head (Direct Drive), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and lower power consumption. JACK JK-5559G has a built-in operating panel with voice information in English, as well as LED light with the possibility of 3-level intensity. The USB port allows you to connect external devices (for exmple charging a mobile phone).  Central lubrication (traditional oil sump).

Automatic functions: 

  • thread trimmer
  • auto presser foot lifter
  • auto bartacking
  • needle positioning

Lockstitch machines with Edge Trimmer are mainly used where it is necessary to maintain a constant distance of the seam from the edge with compensation in the same time by a side knife (working similarly to overlock machines). In particular, machines of this type are recommended for sewing such items of clothing as: collars, cuffs, pocket welts.

Technical parameters: 

  • sewing speed: up to 4000 stitches / min
  • stitch length: up to 5 mm
  • presser foot lift: 5-13 mm
  • needle system: DBx1
  • two additional function buttons located next to the needle bar
  • USB port for downloading data from the machine and connecting external devices

JK-5558WB Series

Also available JACK JK-5558WB series without automatic functions.