JACK Lockstitch JK-58 ***

A series of modern 2-needle lockstitch machines with double transport. Available in versions with energy-saving servo motors. Jack Lockstitch JK58 *** with automatic functions (58 *** D series) have a motor mounted in the machine head (Direct Drive system) and are equipped with automatic thread cutting, foot lifting, needle positioning and auto bartacking option.

Technical parameters:

  • sewing speed: 3000 rpm
  • presser foot lift: 7-13 mm
  • needle gauge: 6.4 mm (standard)
  • other gauges available on request
  • needle system: DPx5
A series of modern two needle lockstitch machines with a double transport with a large and comfortable working space, width: 25mm x height 150mm. Offered in standard version and in full automatics.
Bigger Hook Capacity
The version JK-58720 and JK-58750 has a hook with an increased capacity of 1.5 times. We rarely need to change threads, which results in better work efficiency.
Operation Panel
Lockstitch machines with automatic functions have a clear operation panel for programming sewing parameters. Automatic functions: thread trimming, foot lifting, auto bartacking option, needle positioning.
Oil Supply
The closed oil circuit ensures low oil consumption and the risk of staining the material.
LED Lights
A double row of LED light of sewing area provided in standard.