JACK Overlock E4

A series of modern overlocks with a built-in control panel, with the highest sewing speed, needle positioning and the ability to return to factory settings. The integrated Direct Drive motor guarantees quiet, reliable operation and low power consumption. The improved construction of the JACK Overlock E4 machine ensures better lubrication of the components as well as prevents oil leaks. Integrated LED lighting.

Technical parameters:

  • Max Sewing speed: 5500 stitches/min
  • Max Foot Lift: 5,5 mm
Stable and durable construction
Reduced machine torque, thanks to which it works more stable.
Intelligent functions
Intelligent sleep mode that turns off the machine when idle.
Integrated oil system
A closed needle bar system with integrated oil filter, oil return and delivery system prevents leakage.
Increased height
The height of the presser foot, increased to 27mm, provides a larger work surface.
For different materials
For light and heavy sewing.
Ready status
Comparison of energy consumption.
Work conditions
Comparison of energy consumption.