JACK Buttonholing Machine JK-T1790B

Electronic Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine

Multifunctional, electronic controlled and programmed buttonhole machine, driven by AC servo motor, with features such as low vibration, low noise. High efficiency and excellent sewing quality.

Machine is equipped with electronic thread tension device to avoid thread breakage, drop thread when start sewing and makes perfect stitch. Modern technology provides limited to minimum lubrication (that prevents the formation of spots on the sewing products). The cooling fan greatly lowers the temperature of motor, lengthens the lifetime of the machine. LED lamp for lighting of working field is standard. Maximum speed can reach 4200 RPM.

For light and medium fabrics.

JACK Buttonholing machine JK-T1790B is equipped with a readable control panel, that makes new patterns easy to update.

Max. 200 patterns can be saved on the operation panel or update by USB port.

Automatic functions:

  • presser foot lifter
  • thread trimmer
  • sewing speed regulation
  • multi-cutting system – can make buttonhole of any length, without changing the knife.

Technical parameters:

  • maximum sewing speed: 4200 stitches / min
  • buttonhole length:
    • 6.4 – 25.4 mm with the standard work clamp
    • 6.4 – 31.8 mm optional (additional equipment)
  • bartacking width max. 5mm
  • power supply: 230V
Higher Speed, Higher Efficiency
Intelligent system of automatic cutting and automatic presser foot lifter. The maximum speed can reach 4,200 rpm, which greatly improves work efficiency.
Big Sewing Area
Superior work field, convenient to put and operate fabric.
Many Patterns Easy to Upgrade
Up to 200 types of patterns can be saved. Equipped with USB connection, convenient for ading patterns and software upgrading.
Electronic Thread Tension Device, Beautiful Stitch
Electronic thread tension device is effective to avoid thread breakage, drop thread when start sewing, problem of tightness of thread and so on, that provides beautiful stitch.
Cooling System, Low Temperature And Durable
The cooling fan greatly lowers the temperature of motor, lengthens the lifetime of the machine.
Basting Stitch Mechanism
Basting stitch mechanism is effecive on elastic materials such as knits. Double cycle of stitching together with a preliminary reinforcement stiching.
Thanks to the multi-cutting, it is no longer required that the knife be changed at the time the buttonhole size is changed. The number of knife dropping times can be automatically set according to the buttonholing size frequently changed (i.e. small lot production).